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From the de Grummond Children's Books collection. A story book titled "Robin's Jig-Saw Story Book" that includes five jig-saw puzzels. The book features the story 'The Adventures of Lop-Ears.'


Oral history.; An interview conducted on June 12, 2008 with Rev. S.V. and Virginia Adolph of Gulfport, MS. Mr. Adolph is a pastor at First Missionary Baptist Church in Gulfport and they discuss the church's role in recovery after Hurricane Katrina.


Oral history.; An interview conducted on July 25, 2006 with Naseer and Zaheer Ahmad. Zaheer had been a taxi operator in New Orleans for twenty-five years when Katrina forced his family to Virginia. Zaheer recalls his life in New Orleans and describes his family's uncertain future.


Oral history.; An interview conducted on June 18, 2007 with Margaret Alfonso, the Senior Chancery Court Judge for Hancock, Harrison, and Stone counties. She discusses her experience with Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast.


Oral history.; Dorothea Allsup was born on February 4, 1916. Her family resided in Nebraska, but they moved to Epes, Alabama and then Macon, Mississippi, when she was seventeen. While Mrs. Allsup attended high school in Macon she met her future husband, Brice Allsup. After marriage she cooked and cared for his parents in their home. The couple and their children later moved into a home that consisted of over 210 acres of land, which they rented out to tenants. During this time, Mrs. Allsup did bookkeeping pertaining to their rental property. In later years, Mrs. Allsup received her broker's license and worked for her father at J.A. Shaul Real Estate where she assisted in selling land for the Zeliger Packing Company. This major real estate transaction places her as a pioneer in selling real estate as a woman realtor in the South.

10 August 1999

Oral history.; Interview conducted on December 18, 1997 with Reuben Anderson. He was the first African-American to graduate from Ole Miss Law School. His professional experience includes the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., 1967-75; municipal judge for the City of Jackson, 1975-77; county court judge for Hinds County, 1977-82; circuit court judge for the Seventh Circuit Court District, 1982-85; Mississippi Supreme Court justice, 1985-90; and Jamie L. Whitten Chair of Law and Government at the University of Mississippi, fall of 1995.

18 December 1997

Oral history.; An interview conducted on August 10, 2006 with Zondra Anderson. Miss Anderson was a case manager for Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Fairfax County at the Northern Virginia Family Services Headquarters in Oakton, Virginia.


Oral history.; Ms. Margaret Keith Andresen was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on May 3, 1943. She attended Perkinston High School and the Perkinston Campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. As a teacher at Moss Point High School from September 1964 to May 1967, Mrs. Andresen witnessed the first integration of a high school on the Gulf Coast. During her thirty and one half years tenure at the Jefferson Davis Campus of MGCCC, Mrs. Andresen taught foreign languages and occasionally English. Mrs. Andresen is an annual participant of the New Prospect Camp Meeting. She is currently retired and spends her time helping her mother with charity work and various other projects.

29 November 1999

Oral history.; Ms. Sarah Bernice Arnold was born January 25, 1913, in Saltillo, Mississippi. She lived through the Depression and the closing of the banks in the 1930s, at which time she went to work sewing in a factory in Tupelo. Her husband, Clarence Arnold, served in the Air Force during World War II. Both Ms. Arnold and her husband later worked in the post office for a number of years. As part of a team, Ms. Arnold composed a book of local history regarding Saltillo entitled ""The Life and Times of Saltillo."

02 April 2000

Oral history.; Mr. Augustus (Gus) Ashby Sr. was born in 1924, in Washington, D.C. and moved to Tupelo where he became active in the local church. After high school, he attended college in Holly Springs and Okolona, Mississippi. He was a member of the Henry Hampton Elks Lodge Number 782 and served as its Exalted Ruler. He was also president of the Tupelo Civil Improvement Club and for his services was awarded the Golden Heritage Award from the NAACP as well as the Special Service Award from the Black Business Association of Mississippi. He was a veteran of World War II and worked at the Day-Brite Lighting Company. With his wife, he ran Ashby's Cash Grocery Store.

09 November 1999

Oral history.; Two interviews conducted on April 3, 1995 and June 8, 1995 with Constance Baker (born 1912). Mrs. Baker has spent her life working for civil rights and in teaching. She was involved in the Head Start program from its inception and was still active in the NAACP at the time of the interview.

03 April 1995; 08 June 1995

Oral history.; An interview conducted on May 17, 2006 with Ronald J. Baker, a commercial fisherman in Biloxi, MS. Mr. Baker describes the hurricane's impact on his neighborhood, his personal business, and the shrimping industry in general.


Oral history.; An interview conducted on June 6, 2007 with Rita W. Baldwin who managed Loaves and Fishes, an organization that helped Biloxi's homeless, as well as the Coastal Family Health Center. Ms. Baldwin discusses her experiences before and after Hurrican Katrina.


Oral history.; Interview conducted on August 26, 1975 with Earl W. Banks, 1905-1986. He enrolled at Alcorn University in Lorman, Mississippi, for one year, then transferred to Jackson State University where he completed high school. He continued in the program at Jackson State University for two years, then transferred to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he finished his undergraduate degree in 1926. After graduation, Mr. Banks returned to Jackson and became a partner in Peoples Funeral Home. While in Jackson, Mr. Banks was well-known for his active support of civic improvement projects. He participated in fund-raising for St. Dominic's Hospital and the YMCA. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the State Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association, and worked with the United Way.

26 August 1975

Oral history.; Interview conducted on March 5, 1998 with Judge Fred L. Banks, Jr. (born 1942). In the late 1960s, Judge Banks began his law career by serving for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. He was elected three times to the House of Representatives and served alternately as chair of the House Ethics committee, the House Judiciary Committee, and the Legislative Black Caucus. In February 1985, he was appointed judge of the Seventh Circuit Court District (Hinds and Yazoo Counties) and is projected to continue to serve until 2004 when his term is over.

05 March 1998

Oral history.; Mr. Alton G. Bankston was born outside of Laurel, Mississippi on June 5, 1941. Mr. Bankston majored in political science and history at Jones County Junior College and attended the University of Southern Mississippi. In 1963 he moved to the Gulf Coast to pursue a career in teaching. Seven years later, Mr. Bankston opened Bankston's Paint Store in Biloxi. Mr. Bankston has played an active role in his community and is a member of many local groups.

17 November 1999

Oral history.; Interview conducted on August 21, 1997 with Rims Barber (born 1936). In 1964, he participated in Mississippi Freedom Summer with the National Council of Churches and returned to Mississippi with the Delta Ministry in 1965 to work in Canton. He became their Education Director in 1966 and moved to Greenville. Later, he helped establish a Jackson office to assist Representative Robert Clark and work on statewide agendas. In 1977, he went to work for the Children's Defense Fund as the Director of the Mississippi Project until they closed the Mississippi office in 1989. He founded the Mississippi Human Services Agenda to carry on the work of research and advocacy with an emphasis on welfare, education, and health.

21 August 1997

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