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Oral history.; Joyce Williams Sanders was born July 22, 1921 in the Barnes Community in Mississippi. Originally from Leake County, her family relocated to Kosciusko in 1927. During the Second World War, Sanders learned to weave at the Apponaug Mill as large numbers of men left to fight. Upon war's end, she had to vacate this position. In later life, Sanders developed a deep interest in genealogy and has since worked in the library. Along with producing handwritten books on the history of Kosciusko, Sanders ran her own column in the Star-Herald newspaper titled "Historical Happenings" for two years.

01 February 2002

Oral history.; Arraner Stephens Spivey was born in 1908 in Winston County, Mississippi. At the age of two her family moved to Attala County to work as sharecropper on the Jim Rimmer place. In 1916 the family moved to the Jameson place. Spivey attended the New Garden school, and spent much of her life picking cotton. She studied for three years at Attala County Training School (then known as the Sam Young school). After her marriage in 1931 to Wiley Spivey, she taught school at New Garden.

26 February 2002; 27 February 2002

Oral history.; William M. Blaine was born in Ethel, Mississippi. His ancestors moved to Attala County in the 1840s, settling in the Bear Creek Community. Blaine joined the U.S Air Force in 1953 and served for 22 years. He completed electronics school in ground radio maintenance in Illinois, and made his career in cryptographic maintenance. Blaine served in communications throughout the Vietnam War. During his military career, he spent time in France, Germany, the Sahara Desert and Taiwan.

30 June 2003

Oral history.; William R. "Bill" Ford was born on June 18, 1916 in Taylorsville, Mississippi. He graduated high school in 1934 and went on to study at Millsaps College in Jackson. After graduating Ford began teaching Latin, history and government in Bolivar County schools. He then enrolled in law school but received orders to go to Washington at the start of the Second World War. During this time, he served as an intelligence officer for the U.S Navy. Ford moved Kosciusko in 1947 to practice law and remained there until 1988. During his career he was appointed United States magistrate, and served in this capacity for 10 years. Ford also taught in the Speech Department at the University of Mississippi.

20 June 2003

Oral history.; Interview with James "Ronnie" Ables conducted on June 25, 2003. James "Ronnie" Ables was born in Sallis, Mississippi. Ables' father served as mayor of Sallis. Ables received his Bachelor's degree in accounting from Mississippi State University. He is active in Sallis Baptist Church as deacon, organist and educator, and has done mission work. He has worked as an auditor for the Medicare program, and currently works in fraud investigation for a bank.

25 June 2003

Oral history.; Clyde Cade was born in 1897 to Charlie and Laura Cade in Possumneck, Mississippi. He recalls experiences from his early life that include receiving electricity for the first time at the age of 9, raising food on his family's farm, and catching a 92 pound catfish with his father. Cade went on to work as a rural mail carrier for 40 years before retiring in 1962. Cade also served as Mayor of West, Mississippi. Beginning in 1988 and ending at the age of 94, he held the title as one of the oldest mayors in America.

05 March 2000

Oral history.; Hugh Swinton Potts, Sr. was born August 17, 1911 in Attala County, Mississippi. He attended high school in Kosciusko and graduated in 1932. After furthering his education at the University of Mississippi, Potts started his long career in banking. For the majority of his life, he worked for the Merchants and Farmers Bank in Kosciusko. In this interview he recalls what it was like before the introduction of the hospital in Kosciusko, noting how medical practices changed. Other topics include cotton in Attala County, the effect of the Great Depression on banking, and race relations in Kosciusko.

19 February 2002

Oral history.; William A. "Bill" Mitchell was born in San Antonio, Texas. During the Great Depression his parents moved west as work was scarce in the Deep South. Eventually his family relocated to a small salt mill town in Mississippi named Ethel. There, his grandparents owned the newspaper, The Ethel Gazette. Once he finished high school in 1949, Mitchell attended Wood Junior College for 2 years and Mississippi State University. After serving in the United States Air Force, he began a long career in banking in 1957. As a member of the Methodist Church, Mitchell has served as treasurer for 10 years, in addition to teaching Sunday School. In later life, he joined the United Methodist NOMADS, a volunteer group.

26 April 2002

Oral history.; William "Bill" Monroe was born in Sunflower County, Mississippi. His family eventually moved to Kosciusko, and he spent most of his early life there. In 1943, he joined the U.S. Navy and served during the Second World War with the United States Navy Seabees (United States Naval Construction Forces). He completed various training schools in Virginia, Rhode Island, and Maine. Monroe was later stationed in Hawaii, Guam, and Japan. When he returned to Kosciusko in 1945, Monroe married Ruth Digby and began a career in farming, then in construction. He eventually started his own business repairing and selling vacuum cleaners. Monroe served in this trade for 22 years.

21 November 2002

Oral history.; Marjorie Price Lampkin was born October 1, 1935 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She received her elementary education at the Kosciusko school and then went on to graduate from the high school. While attending Mississippi Southern College, now the University of Southern Mississippi, Lampkin spent her summers working in the library at Mississippi State. She later took a job in Jackson with the Mississippi Employment Security Commision and worked in the program and methods department.

06 November 2002

Oral history.; Max T. Lindsay was born April 4, 1932 in Williamsville, Mississippi. His father built a general merchandise store where his mother and siblings often worked. Lindsay attended East Union School and moved to Kosciusko School in 1946 when Coach Mills asked him to play for the basketball team. After graduating high school in 1951, Lindsay joined the Unites States Navy and served in the Korean War. Lindsay later worked for a traveling grocery store, referred to then as a "rolling store."

11 July 2003

Oral history.; Newton Edward Love, Jr. was born October 3, 1925 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. As a young boy, he attended Kosciusko public school where he played football, basketball, and played cornet in the band. Love went on to graduate from Mississippi State University, earning his degree in Horticulture. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Corps as a pilot trainee. In later life, he was the owner of Love's Greenhouses and introduced chrysanthemum to the wholesale market for the first time.

06 April 2001

Oral history.; Mary Van Ford was born in January, 1924 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. As a young girl, she attended Attala County Training school while working for a local family. Ford started work at the age of 12, both before and after school. She recalls graduating at the time of the Second World War, as a number of her classmates were drafted before the ceremony. In later life, Ford worked in window dressing for various department stores in Kosciusko. She was one of the first African Americans to serve in a clerical position in Kosciusko.

12 March 2003

Oral history.; Douglas Colston was born on September 14, 1926 to Ada and Lee Colston in Kosciusko, Mississippi. During his freshman year at Mississippi State University, Colston was drafted for the Second World War and he joined in January, 1945. After completing basic training in Texas, Colston served in the Philippines with the United States Army Infantry. Afterward, Colston went on to earn his BA, MA and doctorate in education from Mississippi State University. He has held a number of coaching positions, including one at Kosciusko High School. Colston has also worked in education, teaching and serving as principal of Bradley Elementary School in Jackson between 1963 and 1966.

30 June 2003

Oral history.; Manuella Rosette Clark-Cotton was born on October 21, 1972 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. During her time in the public schools in Kosciusko, Clark-Cotton was part of the high school newspaper, as well as the student council. She went on to graduate from Millsaps College with a degree in biology in 1994. After college, Clark-Cotton spent time in both Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi working as a lab technician. She has also served as a volunteer at the local veteran's home in Kosciusko due to her interest in care for the elderly. At the time of this interview Clark-Cotton is pursuing a master's degree at Boston University and working in the medical center.

31 December 2002

Oral history.; Annie Maude Cummins was born in 1908 in Possumneck, Mississippi. Her early years were spent on her family's 120-acre farm where they raised their own food and grew cotton, corn, and peas. As a young girl, the typical day included waking up at 5 am to help her mother with chores, picking cotton on the farm, and churning butter. She received her early education on her family's property until the local school was consolidated. Cummins then played basketball for the school and was part of the winning team at the Attala County Championship. Throughout her life, Cummins had a passion for both reading and education. Cummins worked in the Possumneck store as a clerk.

17 June 2001

Oral history.; Annis Guess Dickerson was born and raised in the Possumneck community of Attala County. She speaks about her family heritage, property, and the settling of Possumneck. The early part of the interview focuses on her Grandfather, Joseph Allan Weeks. Described as an educated and self-taught man, he built houses, surveyed land, and wrote poetry. The transcript of the speech given by him at his ninetieth birthday in 1956 is included. Dickerson also discusses the self-sufficient nature of life on the family farm. She helped raise animals, silk corn and churn butter. Dickerson had a successful career showing horses and competing in equestrian events.

19 August 2002

Oral history.;Katherine Carr Esters was born on April 9, 1928 in rural Attala County, Mississippi. Esters grew up with racial segregation and attended school at Mary Holmes Seminary High School during the Jim Crow era. In one incident in 1946, Esters was riding the Tri State Bus that ran from Columbus to Durant, Mississippi. As she sat in the white section and refused to move, the driver threatened to have her jailed. Esters wrote a letter of complaint to the bus company about the conditions on public transport. As a result, the curtain that separated the two sections of the bus was removed, and African Americans were no longer required to sit on the back seat. Her career was in medical administration, from which she retired in 1972, returning to Kosciusko.

26 March 2001

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