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Oral history.; Judge John H. Whitfield was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, on July 4, 1962. Prior to integration of the schools, Judge Whitfield attended Nichols Perkins Elementary School in Biloxi until 1973. When Mississippi public schools in Biloxi began desegregating, Judge Whitfield was bussed to Beauvoir Elementary School in Biloxi. After his family moved to North Biloxi, Judge Whitfield attended D'Iberville Elementary/Middle School from which he was graduated in 1980. In 1980, he matriculated to Rust College where he stayed for a year and a half, until he had exhausted his college savings. At that time, he joined the military, served, returned to college and was graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1985, he entered Valparaso University Law School in Valparaso, Indiana. When he was graduated from law school, he returned to Mississippi. As of this writing, the Honorable John H. Whitfield is the circuit court judge of district two, Mississippi.

26 July 1999

Oral history.; Mr. Wesley C. Webb was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on April 2, 1938. After his graduation from high school, Mr. Webb entered the Navy, boarding the U.S.S. Helena for Japan. For two years and nine months, Mr. Webb served in the Navy, and was inactive in the Reserves for six years. Following that, he was in the Merchant Marines. Mr. Webb settled in New York City, attending the Programing System Institute and working installing weapons systems in Navy vessels; at the same time, he earned a B.A. from New York University. In 1994, Mr. Webb returned to Biloxi to care for his aged mother; she passed away in 1998. Mr. Webb currently resides in Biloxi, Mississippi.

05 November 1999

Oral history.; Mrs. Clara Griffin Watson was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on October 15, 1933. During the 1960s, Mrs. Watson helped the COFO workers in Mississippi, marched on the Federal Building, and housed some of the civil rights activists in the area for Freedom Summer, 1964. Mrs. Watson is married to Leon B. Watson. They have thirteen children of their own, including Angela Sartin, who conducted this interview.

28 October 1999

Oral history; Mrs. Ruth Evans Story was born on October 20, 1943, in Gulfport, Mississippi. She graduated from high school and attended Dillard University in New Orleans. On October 18, 1962, Ms. Ruth Evans married Almer L. Story in Gulfport. They moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Mrs. Story earned her bachelor's degree from Avila College in Kansas City, Missouri. She earned her master's degrees from William Carey College and the University of Southern Mississippi. She has taught school in Kansas City, Chicago, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

24 November 1999

Oral history.; Mr. William F. Stallworth was born August 12, 1954, in Monroeville, Alabama. He grew up in Pensacola, Florida, Jackson, Mississippi, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education at Jackson State University. Mr. Stallworth moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and worked for the city of Biloxi. From 1983 to 1993, he was a councilman for the city of Biloxi. Since 1985 he has been a partner in BFS Services and since 1992, he has been a partner in Computer and Technology Support Services. He is currently owner of Stallworth's Computer and Technology. Mr. Stallworth participates in many civic activities.

23 October 1999

Oral history.; Born on October 20, 1939, in Sandy Ridge, Lowndes County, Alabama, Mr. Loyce Searight moved with his family to Biloxi, Mississippi, in March of 1947. He graduated from M.F. Nichols High School and went on to earn several other degrees and qualifications. He was a member of the United States Army where he graduated from the U.S. Army Reserves First Sergeant Academy. From November, 1966, to November, 1994, he worked as an electrical worker, including power plant supervisor of plant operations. As a businessman specializing in retail sales, he owned and operated his own newsstand in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was a transportation specialist in the U.S. Army Reserves, a Unit First Sergeant, 296th Transportation Company, Brookhaven, Mississippi, as an E-8 with thirty years of service. Mr. Searight is a member of several organizations and has received numerous awards.

20 October 1999

Oral history.; Mr. Delmar Robinson was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, July 11, 1937. He attended Biloxi Colored School and M.F. Nichols School from which he graduated. Escaping the oppressive segregation of the Deep South, Mr. Robinson migrated to California and joined the military in 1953. After four years of service as an Accounting and Finance Specialist in the United States Air Force and thirty-three years of service with the National Park Service, Mr. Robinson retired and currently provides consulting services for school districts and city governments. Additionally, he works with Habitat for Humanity as an advisor on selecting home sites. He has participated in many and varied associations and has received numerous awards.

26 August 1999

Oral history.; Mr. Coygon Robinson Jr. was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on December 3, 1951. He attended Perkins Elementary School and Nichols High School. In the fifth grade, Mr. Robinson got his first set of drums, and he continued to practice and perform music throughout his college years. After earning his post-secondary education at Mississippi Valley State University, Mr. Robinson moved to San Francisco where he made a living as a substitute teacher, and also developed his graphic art skills as well as a body of work. Additionally, he married and decided to move to his wife's home in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he worked for Dupont and continued to work in graphic arts. In Wilmington, he joined the United States Air Force, had his first child, and traveled extensively overseas in the military. In 1991, he returned to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, working at Keesler Air Force Base, retiring in 1992.

10 May 2000

Oral history.; Mr. Lee Owens, Jr. was born on May 7, 1921, in Natchez, Mississippi. As a child, Mr. Owens worked in a cotton field for half a day while attending school for half a day. Because his parents could not afford to send him to school, he stopped attending in the second grade and worked in the cotton fields full-time. In 1939, Mr. Owens went to work at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and was drafted into military service based at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. He survived major hurricanes in 1947 and in 1969. In the 1960s, Mr. Owens participated in some of the beach wade-ins along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, helping to desegregate those public beaches. Before the legalization of gambling and the development of casinos on the Gulf Coast waterfront, Mr. Owens recalls that there was illegal gambling along Main Street where many nightclubs lined the street.

26 April 2000

Oral history.; Born on January 27, 1966, in Natchez, Mississippi, to Elisha and Vera Wilkins, Ms. Juanita Wilkins was the eleventh of twelve children. She was graduated from high school in Natchez, and left two weeks later, moving to Dallas, Texas, where one of her sisters lived. From 1986 to 1992, she lived in Dallas, working in a restaurant and later in a government warehouse. In January 1992, Ms. Wilkins moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast; she has worked at a nursing home, a hotel laundry, and a restaurant, washing dishes. Ms. Wilkins enjoys writing.

15 January 2000

Oral history.; Ms. Juno Gwendolyn Nichols-de Marks was born November 25, 1924, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Ms. Nichols-de Marks graduated from Biloxi Colored High School in 1941 at which time she entered Alcorn University. In 1945 she was elected Miss Alcorn. For her master's degree she attended Tennessee State University. At the age of four, Ms. Nichols-de Marks began studying piano. In her later career she played that instrument for many activities, including church meetings, banquets, and the State Teachers Association, and she instructed, organized, and directed a choir in church. She is a member of the NAACP and the mother of three children.

06 August 1999

Oral history.; Mr. Earl Napoleon Moore was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on December 19, 1914. His father was a ship and bridge carpenter, and his mother was a homemaker. Mr. Moore graduated from Biloxi Colored High School. He was a boxer and a spar mate, traveling the boxing circuits through New Orleans, Mobile and Texas where it was prohibited, and the boxers had to dodge the Texas Rangers. Mr. Moore attended college to learn masonry and wood crafting. In 1942, Mr. Moore was drafted into the United States Army; he became an Army Police corporal in the first African-American police force of the United States Army. He served for four years, during World War II, in North Africa and Southeast Asia. Mr. Moore's career in the civil service from 1965 through 1978 was to manage the V.A. building in Biloxi, Mississippi. Mr. Moore is a Mason, Henry Beck Lodge, and a member of the NAACP; he was awarded the First Missionary Baptist Golden Years of Service honor, 1946 through 1995.

09 November 1999

Oral history.; Interview conducted July 27, 2005. Victoria Webb Beck was born in Yazoo City, MS. This interview documents her career as a teacher faced with segregation and unequal rights. Ms. Beck taught at schools throughout Mississippi, in cities such as Picayune, Biloxi, Nichols, and Yazoo City. Much of the interview is devoted to her experiences as a teacher, with emphasis given to the differences in her work both pre and post-segregation. The interview concludes with details about her life after retirement and her family.

27 July 2005

Oral history.; Interview conducted with Ruby Bradford at the Bradford Residence. Ruby Bradford was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She relocated to Mississippi in the fifth grade when her father, a Methodist minister, received a position in Laurel. Mrs. Bradford completed elementary school at Oak Park Vocational High School. With the help of the Ladies Aid organization at her church, she went on to attend Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi and Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia. Financial troubles eventually led her to attend Samuel Huston College in Austin, Texas, where she completed her bachelor's degree in 1942. After college, she married and while expecting a child, was asked to assume a position at M.F. Nichols High School in Biloxi, Mississippi. After a productive career in education, Mrs. Bradford became employed by the United States Air Force where she served for 38 years. During her time working for the USAF, Mrs. Bradford applied the skills she learned as a teacher in her work as an Instructor, Personnel Clerk, and as an Assistant to the General. Mrs. Bradford retired in 1990.

30 November 2005

Oral history.; Frank Bridges was born in 1923 in Biloxi, Mississippi. He served during World War II in Guadalcanal and Guam. After returning from the war, he worked a few odd jobs before moving to Chicago. After a brief stay, he returned to his native Biloxi. He became involved with the civil rights movement and Dr. Gilbert Mason's Biloxi Beach wade-ins.

21 March 2000

Oral history.; Julian Glenn Brunt was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in 1951. His father was a career Army officer who served in the chemical corps, and the family was stationed in Pine Bluff, Washington, D.C., Heidelberg, Germany, Puerto Rico, and eventually, Mississippi. After finishing college at the University of Maryland, Brunt continued to travel extensively and held several positions in retail management. In 1994, after settling down in Biloxi, Brunt made the acquaintance of Lyle Bonge who had just inherited a collection of his mother, Dusti Bonge's artwork. Brunt offered to help him manage the collection and founded the Dusti Bonge Foundation.

11 November 1999

Oral history.; Robin Alfred Midcalf was born in Harrison County on November 13, 1961. At eighteen she divorced her abusive husband and became a single parent. After graduating from the University of Mississippi Law School, Judge Midcalf became partner at the law firm of the Honorable Joe Hudson. In 1992 she was elected to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, reelected in 1997, and later elected as one of the Harrison County Court judges.

09 November 1999

Oral history.; Tommy Moffett was born March 2, 1950, in Taylorsville, Mississippi. After graduating from high school, he worked at Keesler Air Force Base for four years, then joined the Biloxi Police Department. He graduated from the FBI Academy and became director of the Biloxi Police Department.

02 November 1999

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