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Twenty-page typescript of the diary of Jinny Glass, dated August 7, 1964, through August 25, 1964. Glass was a Freedom Summer volunteer from California who worked at the Palmer's Crossing Community Center, south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

7-25 August 1964

Transcribed copy of a three-page letter from Jinny Glass to Zoya Zeman. Glass writes about her decision to go to Mississippi to work on the Mississippi Summer Project and discusses how the decision to go was hard to make because of her family. Glass explains that she believes the main problem in the South is the lack of education for both African Americans and Caucasians.

3 August 1964

In this one-page letter, Jinny Glass writes to Zoya Zeman about her time in Mississippi working on the Mississippi Freedom Project. She explains that she has been working at a community center and has just attended a memorial service in Neshoba County. Only the transcription of this letter is included.

15-16 August 1964

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