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From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; The report published by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) as part of the Political Education Project gives the history of both the MFDP and the regular Mississippi Democratic Party. It gives voter registration statistics and a detailed explanation of the criteria for voter registration in Mississippi. It also records the basis for the MFDP challenge to the seating of regular Mississippi delegates at the Democratic National Convention of 1964 and explains why the MFDP delegates felt that they could not except the compromise the convention delegates offered them. The report also includes information about the Freedom Election and the vote tallies that resulted. It summarizes the legal foundations for the MFDP Congressional challenge and gives the steps through which it must proceed and the possible outcomes of each phase. The report gives details on ways that different individuals can act in support of the Congressional challenge. It also presents a list of all of the members of the 89th Congress of the United States and denotes which members voted against the MFDP candidates in the earliest stages of the challenge. The report also lists members of House committees that will be involved in the Congressional challenge.


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