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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 14, from November 3, 1965. Columns include, "A Resolution Concerning United States Involvement in Vietnam", "Student Senate supports American fighting forces in Viet Nam war", "Beat flu bug, get your shots subcutaneously", "Local radio to carry Thursday's pep rally", "Debaters set for tourney this weekend", "Southern grad given top non-combat award", "Lucas gives registration facts for winter quarter", "Why didn't the picture appear in the paper this week?", "Ambrose says watercolor show lacks originality", "Wesley play reveals contrast of new and old Christianity", "Doumas speaks to group on Greek conflicts, history", "Dr. Kelly speaks to Pen and Sword", "Professors journey to Atlanta for meet in political science", "Sailing Club organized here", "Lit Fraternity hears new English teacher", "Pi Gamma Mu ask 16 into brotherhood", "Mississippi first", "'Draagenfut Girl' opens tomorrow in Marsh Hall", "Backstage with Dove", "Palmer canceled but dance planned", "'Pinocchio' cast named by Theatre Department", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "In the sportslight", "Southerners 'booted' by W&M", "Dudley to present scientific papers", "KS's defeat Pikes for second place", "Frosh lose, too, by 33-8 to FSU", "Barker maintains lead in Poll as shakeup occurs in standings", "Bolton Hall leads competition for girl's intramural trophy", "Phi Mu surprises pledges with party", "Tri Sigma to sponsor 'Miss Whatever It Is'", "Registrar reminds seniors to apply for degrees early", "Westminster fellowship to show religious films", "KD's honor pledges with Halloween party", "Rumor denied that Viet Nam dolls explode", "U. S. Marine writes former teacher, describes experiences in Viet Nam", "Archives section of library shows marked expansion of Mississippi history records", "Dr. Kelly speaks to Pen and Sword", "Drill pledges weather wild week of harassment", "Pi Phi holds supper, entertains fraternities", "Hillcrest fashions open social season", "Van Lowry: ever there to support the Generals", "ERN fills Nat's for Halloween", "Lok talks plastic art to South Miss. group", and "Pendergrass to speak Saturday at Wesley".

03 November 1965

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