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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 15, from November 5, 1965. Columns include, "'Oui' says De Gaulle about running again", "Governor, mayor will headline Phi Alpha's initiation by SAE", "Concert features Southern Symphony in Marsh Sunday", "Event on De. 10 biggest in USM fraternity history", "State Has To Borrow Once More", "Former student edits international journal", "'Knack' will finish USM art movies", "WAB appoints new treasurer", "Chi Omega organizes annual song festival", "Reception will honor students completing degree work at USM", "Alfred: 'Maine is too west'", "Universe: still big secret", "USM sounds battle cry, supports U.S. in war", "Peace can be a dirty word", "'Cow College' moos about conduct, not about blame", "Students support America", "Hillcrest girls no draft dodgers", "Bishop Pendergrass to address Wesley Foundation workshop", "Tracy to speak at wrtier, artist conference in June", "German summer work available", "Coeds visit movie set", "ASA holds 2 parties", "Long, Thames attend seminars", "Southern away, faces Chattanooga", "ASA's take pair as volleyball begins", "In the sportslight", "Regligious clubs hold joint discussion", "Cagers to face 'Bama, Ole Miss", "Southern frosh has big look", "Phi Tau's add members, choose pledge officers", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Alpha Sigs hold Halloween dance", "Phi Mu pledges three", "Chi O's hold annual party entertain sorority pledges", "Kappa Sigs initiate six", "ATO's hold initiation", "Tommy Steele forsakes bop for Broadway plays", "Klan leader's resignation praised by congressman", "Grants available for USM women", "Youth killed by auto in Picayune accident", "Modern teens have responsibility; challenge greater than before", "Druids establish information desk", "Northern town elects dead man police chief", "YRC invites 3 party leaders to speak here", "Phi Mu Epsilon to host district confab Nov. 6", "Geology prof. prepares paper on glacial epoch", "Local ministers lead discussion in Wesley talks", "Military society brings 26 cadets into honor fold", "Moorman tells joint business fraternities about English schools", and "Southern's school spirit startles Auburn fans, Georgia newsman".

05 November 1965

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