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From a letter from President William D. McCain to the students, faculty and staff regarding the desegregation of the university. The letter appeared in the Student Printz on September 6, 1965. Image featured in Dearly Bought, Deeply Treasured on page 129.; 3 x 3.

06 September 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Special Edition of the Student Printz from September 6, 1965. Columns include, "Another phase of life begins at Southern", "Mayor Paul Grady extends welcome", REBELation features hit singers", "Kelly announces math changes", Registration begins today; freshmen face yearly ritual", McCain amasses 10 years of unmatched service at USM", "Registration Schedule", "Review of SGA action orientates freshmen", "Civil Service now accepting job applications", "MSU receives grant", "You better watch out people - - Campus Security will 'get you'", "At Southern you will learn to keep a 'good set of books'", "Age looks to stars, inside man", "Learning is - - 'umm good'", "Greeks add big 'extra' to campus life at USM", "'Nook' gets a 'goldie' and for '65 it's 'ye-ye'", "USM Telephone Directory will be off the presses about October 15", "Southern offers many avenues of student help", "USM builds sound body and mind", and "Fountain performance kicks off 'big' year".

06 September 1965

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