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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 16, from November 10, 1965. Columns include, "Here's how texts will be returned", "Southern Launches SAVE drive", "Civitans to collect blood, Hillcrest coeds spark idea", "Foundation rolls in record revenue as funds increase", "Radio to carry last spirit rally", "Debaters take first trophy at Mississippi State tourney", "Deadline nears for registration of teachers test", "Rev. Tonkel speaks at annual service for Thanksgiving", "Young Repubs join pro Viet-Nam wave", "Southern's 'other girls' are as beautiful as queens", "Gas station owners tell attributes of the phenomenal women driver", "Dr. McQuagge announces education schedule change", "Want to reduce? Hope lingers yet", "Initiation planned for Phi Chi Theta pledge members", "Students give blood for Viet Nam use", "USM broadcasters elect year's officers", "Married Southerners to open new lodge", "Division of Continuing Education experiences startling growth since its conception in 1910", Talk highlights Rifle Club meeting", "USM's Delta Sigs place No. 1 at annual convention in Bahamas", "Phi Kappa Taus hold Sun. supper for project", "In the sportslight", "Southern blanks Chattanooga' 17-0, scores first touchdown in four games", "Barker, Sportslight share Poll lead with 90 total heading into final week", "Roy Castle tops list for 'Pickwick Papers'", "'Draagenfut Girl' plays in a crowded Marsh Hall", "Movies capture Mrs. Roosevelt", "USM instructor leads Little Theatre play", "Backstage with Dove", "Singer auditions", "Rhodesian government receives concession", "Pep rally represents various interests of Southern students", "Students support policy, draft; oppose atomic use", "'He's number one,' student says of Coach Vann; pep crowd agrees", "Productions demand more than actos upon stage", "Lines form early to get packets", "'Nashville Sound' has newest beat", and "Foltz will address women's convocation".

10 November 1965

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