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From the Spight (Thomas) Letters. Letter from Thomas Spight to Virginia Barnett, dated 11 March 1863, written from camp near the 34th MS Regiment. Spight, a member of the 34th Mississippi Infantry during the Civil War, writes to his cousin and future wife about his activities and orders, and his affection towards her. The letter is optimistic and relates some of the activities of General Van Dorn's cavalry.

11 March 1863

From the Camp (David A.) Letters. Letter from David A. Camp, captain in Company D of the 16th Battalion of Georgia Calvary (also called the Georgia Partisan Rangers), to his wife Anna Camp. In his letter dated 11 March 1863, Camp writes from Clayton, Georgia about recent troop movements and activities, life at camp, and his company.

11 March 1863

From the Alexander Melvorne Jackson Papers. A letter from Alexander M. Jackson to his wife, Cordelia Jackson, regarding providing necessities for Cordelia while he is away.

11 March 1863

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