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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 22, from January 14, 1966. Columns include, "HUAC charges plot on 'Ladybird Special'", "Jean Richardson and Vic Purvis capture Mr. and Miss USM titles", "Only 797 students vote in runoffs Thursday", "Piano duo leads off music series", "Suspends coeds at motel party", "Dr. Nemetz to talk at Philosophy Forum", "Athlete, sorority president show outstanding records", "Blood drive closes with 633 students taking active part", "Administrators crack down on PDA", "In the sportslight", "Southern faces Lions Sat., seeking revenge for loss", "Count Me Out...", "Accident injures 'Flash' staffers", "Fresh win pair to even mark, open 3-game series Saturday", "Four vets return to lead golf team", "Varsity debaters go to Kentucky for weekend match", "Young Demos fold on campus state group denies interest", "Hearts n' Flowers", "Texas coed, Nancy Bernard wins Maid of Cotton title", "Phi Mu's begin GI Joe projects", and "Job openings now available for summer work".

14 January 1966

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