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From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; With amendments attached to the legislative bill, the future Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes the United States Senate, but still requires concurrence from the United States House of Reprentatives.

19 July 1964

From the Hazelton (Margaret J.) Freedom Summer Collection; Three-page typewritten sermon authored by Rev. James N. Porter, pastor of Woodmere Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Rev. Porter's sermon relates the experiences of the African American southerner to poverty-stricken Lazarus in the bible. He juxtaposes the analogy with quotes taken from letters written by Margaret Hazelton, a Freedom Summer volunteer and fellow church member.

19 July 1964

From the Ellin (Joseph and Nancy) Freedom Summer Collection; Letter from Adda Dilts to Nancy Ellin, dated July 19, 1964, written in response to Joe and Nancy Ellin's letter to the Gazette. Dilts states that she will donate supplies to the Mississippi Freedom Schools and recommends textbooks she considers useful.

19 July 1964

From the Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection. Due to his work with a parish, Rolland Kidder informs Ed Hamlett, Mississippi state director of the White Folks Project, that he must cancel his plans to work in the Mississippi Freedom Project. He offers that, if needed for a week in August, he may be able to arrange leave from work.

19 July 1964

From the Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection. Diane [?] describes a meeting between four Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) workers and a small faculty group at Millsaps and a visit to the Unitarian Church in Long Beach, Mississippi. Diane and others discussed COFO's motives and plans with these groups in hopes of gaining support for the COFO effort among moderate Mississippians.

16-19 July 1964

From the Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection. This document records the minutes of a meeting of Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) workers. It reports what each worker is working on and what they will work on in the future. It also reiterates basic house and safety rules for the group.

19 July 1964

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