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From the Ellin (Joseph and Nancy) Freedom Summer Collection; Press release by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), dated April 4, 1966, titled "Six Candidates File to Run in the State Democratic Party Primary." The statement announces the plans of the MFDP to run six candidates for Congress in the June 1966 election and gives a brief biography of the candidates. Those involved include: Rev. Clifton R. Whitley, Ralthus Hayes, Rev. Ed King, Rev. Clint Collier, and Lawrence Guyot.

4 April 1966

From the McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection; Colmer asserts the actions of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U. S." and the Vietnam War protestors are inspired by the Communism.

16 February 1966

From the Mississippiana and Rare Book Collection. A cook book titled "A Book of Favorite Recipes" compiled by the Sunny Hill Homemakers Club of Pike County, Mississippi. Cook book includes charts for weights and measures, a list of ingredients that can be substituted for others, an everyday herb guide, suggestions of what to serve with meats, chicken, fish, etc. Other special features of this book includes a time table for meat and seafood cookery, a list of quantities to serve one hundred people, instructions of how to carve meats with illustrations, suggested menus, diet tips, spot removal cleaning tips, information on freezing prepared foods and the storage time for frozen meats, planting guides for a variety of flowers and bulb plants, guide to illnesses such as whooping cough and scarlet fever, first aid information, as well as Bible guidance. Some pages have handwritten recipes and/or copies of recipes taped onto the pages.


From the Mississippiana and Rare Books Collection. A book of recipes from the Woman's Society of Christian Service at Trinity Methodist Church. Recipes include relishes, jellies, pickles, hors d'oeuvres, part and TV snacks, soups, salads, casseroles, one dish meals, beverages, sandwiches, meats, poultry, seafoods, rolls, breads, cakes, frostings, cookies, candies, pies, pastries, desserts, recreation room/patio dining and group serving, recipes for junior cooks only, recipes for men only, recipes from foreign countries, and extra written in recipes.


From the Mississippiana and Rare Books Collection. A cook book compiled by the Oak Grove Methodist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The book was published by the Southern Publishing Company in Raleigh, North Carolina.


From the Mississippiana and Rare Books Collection. A cook book compiled by the Woman's Society of Christian Service, Trinity Methodist Church in Greenville, Mississippi.


Photograph of the Student Government Presidential Cabinet featured in the 1966 Southerner yearbook on page 66; 10 x 8


cartoon by Eddie Germano; A Chinese soldier seems to tell Mao,"The men say, if everyone's to be like you, they've gotta eat more!"

22 October 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection. Memo about the changing educational priorities of SNCC, including a move away from teacher training to the production of educational materials. Discusses a shift in emphasis from voter registration to broader initiatives designed to foster self-determination for Southern Blacks. Discusses the advantages of filmstrips for this purpose.

1 February 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 48, from May 11, 1966. Columns include, "President receives service award from Army in ceremony today", "'Roy Martin Day' will feature Michigan University band director", "Bookstore states schedule", "Dixie Darlings select date for try outs", "'No hair cut' resolution gets ax in senate vote", "Cain elected to state post", "Dorm officers elected", "Registrar gives summer packets out this week", "Coeds vie for $500 scholarship as 'Miss Sportsman of Mississippi'", "The editor talks about 'editors'", "Drive means fighting; most had rather switch", "The Kid tries self destruction", "Education, not excluding USM could be changed by this", "Break the establishment", "Diamond men drop last two games to Delta St.", "NASCAR keeps ban up on Fords", "Football in 1966, what for USM?", "Southern sponsors annual reading clinic during first week of June", "Library extends hours", "Sister Mary finds USM pleasant, interesting", "Music camp to feature 3 musicals", "Six retiring instructors to be honored at party", "Contamination of water, air poses extra crisis", "Contemporary dance has many different forms", "New device eliminates telephone breathers", "Theatre Department offers Summer Stock scholarships", "Yellowjackets elect officers for next year", and "TV show depicts USM student life".

11 May 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; Freedom Information Service (FIS), publisher of the pamphlet,"Prospectus for the Freedom Information Service," provides sharing of information, ideas, and experiences, and provides resource persons, materials, and planning assistance for local workshops in the Mississippi civil rights movement.

March 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; The Mississippi Newsletter, published by the Freedom Information Service (FIS), provides information on varied civil rights activities in Mississippi in June of 1966.

22 June 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; The letter from the personnel of the Freedom Information Center seeks to raise sufficient funds to stay in operation after March 25, 1966.

15 March 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; Jan Hillegas, the treasurer of the Freedom Information Center (FIS), sends Michael J. Miller his requested materials, and asks him to contribute a "dollar or two toward postage" to help the financially strapped organization.

12 April 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection; The material provides estimates of Black and White voter registration in the South in the Summer of 1966.

June 1966 [?]

From the Tatum Family Business Records. A letter from Frank M. Tatum to John E. Barnes and James S. Conner regarding Tatum's concerns about the possibility of legalizing liquor. Also see mus.m316.0337.

25 August 1966

From the Tatum Family Business Records. A letter from Edward J. Currie to Frank M. Tatum regarding the Local Option Alcoholic Beverage Control Law of the State of Mississippi.

26 July 1966

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection. Planning document for a grass roots organizing project designed to reach poor Southern whites.

1-8 December 1966

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