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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 11, from October 22, 1965. Columns include, "Who's Who in American colleges includes 42 seniors from Southern", "German steals airplane, flees to West Germany", "Rejection results in draft card tearing", "Serendipity Singers see poor Southern turn out", "Southern to furnish free influenza shots", "University broadcasts are eligible for H. Fellows Memorial Scholarship", "Bizzell, Stout get housing positions", "High onor goes to five women", ""Mad Woman of Chaillot" ends five-day Saturday night", "On the scene with Alfred X", "A look at the UAC: why students still have to pay", "Negro examines rights, law", "Check cashing: a lost cause", "Car chaos cramps campus", "Florida freshman picked for 'Seventeen' feature", "Second faculty recital scheduled here Sunday", "Interviews set for Wednesday", "Library adds manuscript to May collection", "USM publicized by radio program", "Audio-visual education takes giant strides under Dr. Knight", "Southern seeks fifth win; Auburn it?", "Floyd begins ninth basketball season, has young squad", "In the sportslight", "USM schedules 12 home games", "Rifle team shoots at Auburn", "Kappa Sigs rout opposition, move to front in football league race", "Data processing center lends hand in facilitating registration chaos", "Students on the spot", "MEA will meet on USM campus", "Miss Warren tells girls of weight reduction test", "Pol. Science works on doctoral program", "Civitan sponsors football re-runs", "Business leaders of Hattiesburg talk religion", "Cotton maid to be chosen, entry deadline approaches", "Kappa Delta to hold Founders' Day with all national chapters participating", "Deltas initiate, choose officers", "Pi Phi's initiate six, pledge eight, elect and install fall quarter officers", "Pi Phi heads Jr. Panhellenic", "ATO's hold parties, entertain sororities", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Chi O's attend fraternity state day in Jackson", "Phi Mu adds pledges, attends pledges swaps", "Alpha Sigs add two", and "LAI lends an international flavor to USM campus life".

22 October 1965

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