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cartoon by Jim Ivey; The "Tallahassee City Commission" tells a young boy, "Hang Your Head on a Hickory Limb, But Don't Go Near the Water." The boy sweats as he looks at a pool representing "Tallahassee City Pools."

23 June 1966

Transcribed copy of a typewritten letter from Jill Wakeman (Goodman) to friends dated June 23, 1966, in which she recounts the trip to Hattiesburg, including brief stays in Mt. Beulah and at the home of Reverend Bob Beech. She also comments on her hostess in Hattiesburg, Mrs. Simms, the civil rights movement in Hattiesburg and Laurel, Mississippi, other workers in the movement, and her feelings about Mississippi in general.

23 June 1966

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