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ROTC Cadets being sworn into the USM Advanced Army ROTC Program.

24 October 1978

From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Eldon Pletcher. Jimmy Carter is dressed as a waiter and holds a menu labeled, "Strategic arms limitation treaty menu." He stands at the table where a man labeled, "Congressional Hawks" is seated for dinner. A huge salt shaker is on the table along with dinner service. The man is saying, "You know damn well I'm on a salt-free diet!"

24 October 1978

Oral history.; Interview conducted on October 24, 1978 with Mr. Nathaniel H. Lewis at his home in McComb, Mississippi. Lewis was born in McComb, Mississippi. In 1928, Lewis and his father organized the McComb Independent Lodge NO. 846 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the World. The purpose of this organization was to help African Americans register to vote. Lewis and his father called sixty African American veterans together in 1946 and organized the Pike County Voters League to help them register to vote. Lewis has also been active for a number of years in the Democratic Party of Mississippi. Governor Cliff Finch appointed him to the State Game and Fish Commission and for the first time in history, African Americans were appointed to be Colonels on the Governor's staff.

24 October 1978

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