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cartoon by Eddie Germano; A blind man with a beard is labeled "India" and is walking with a stick/cane. Mrs. Ghandi is helping him walk down a road with holes and cracks labeled "drought, birthrate problem, problems with border countries, and famine." A cloud is in the distance and labeled,"threats from Red China."

26 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 25, from January 26, 1966. Columns include, "Honan to recite 'Requiem' text", "Allen says fees might go up in '67", "Bizzell, Cain run unopposed", "13 look for SGA posts; 13 seek 3 SCF offices", "Large stock of men still await Uncle Sam's call", "Valentine Queen entry deadline set for January 29", "Paul Harvey comes to USM Thursday", "G.I. Joe Carnival ends month of fund raising", "English Dept. adds professor", "Debrow apologizes for semantics error", "Degree applications due February 26", "Theme team set for double play", "Senate proposes 2 amendments, obtain $650 for SCOPE", "Adventures of Wonder Buzzard", "The question of affection and who sets the standard", "Vietnam and video warfare", "No birds, no bats but news", "Elections now make sense", "All about this problem of PDA", "Placement Bureau helps seniors find right job", "BSU elects James Reed to head organization", "Former Printz editor lands job with UPI", "USM sophomore works for Mademoiselle post", "Geographical picks dig bogies", "Foundation lists record with over $100,000 in", "Printz staffers organize club", "FICA taxes go up to record high", "Count Me Out...", "Basketball's new look", "Pikes down Kappa Sigs for fraternity loop lead", "Basketball recess ends as Floydmen play Spring Hill", "Jones Hall wins basketball play, leads trophy race", "Pi Kappa Pi frat to intiate soon", "New bulletin boards cause SGA distress", "Newman Club can't pay Pavilion price", "Added HE Course coming in Spring", "History frat plans February initiation", "Backstage with Dove", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "Three New York soloists perform in 'War Requiem'", "Torkanowsky will direct Symphony", "Chicago Opera Ballet at USM Friday", "Met. Opera schedules Mississippi auditions", "Coventry Cross of Nails on display for 'Requiem'", "In this corner: Batman", and "First conference oncommon market to begin at LSU".

26 January 1966

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