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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 12, from October 27, 1965. Columns include, "Campus legislators evict Student Printz photographer", "King wants CR murder made federal offense", "Ole Miss blasts anti-war groups", "Anti-Red Wave sweeps Jakarta", "Construction on College Hall annex begins", "Dr. Siverio will help PBJ 'talk' to Latins", "Dome shows top Polish art movie", "Former student receives citation", "Dr. Nau will speak on trip to Europe", "Skelton emerges from one closet, only to make money in another", "SNEA having drive for new members on USM campus", "College Radio Magazine to feature 'The Voice of Southern' - WMSU", "Chi Omega's plan open house", "Dartmouth gains revenge with newspaper 'extra'", "Museum offers rattler with rabbit in throat", "'Contemporary' pushes sale of subscriptions", "Rho Epsilon hosts Real Estate group", "In the sportslight", "Southerners 'tank' Tigers", "Dan Barker pulls ahead in poll as contest enters home stretch", "Two skydivers take big jump", "Diane Roshto, USM grad is 'Club Mobile Girl'", "Divorce rate increased by poor TV programs", "'Madwoman' sets designed by new technical director", "'Draagenfut' chosen for Opera Workshop", "Opening night is actor's delight", "'Pinocchio' to be held in Auditorium", "Movies", "Movie filming on Gulf Coast", "Language instructors give varied experience to jobs", "English instructor speaks at meeting", "Sea trip ends at test facility", "Married club plans Halloween party", "Doumas tells AGR of events leading to crisis in Greece", "Staff residents revise graduate handbook", "Commission to check new USM Coliseum", and "Pictures available".

27 October 1965

From the Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection. Brief letter from Miller to Margaret [last name unknown], which includes an account of a labor dispute (presumably in California).

27 October 1965

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