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From the Zwerling (Matthew) Freedom Summer Collection. <br>Typewritten letter from Senator Jacob K. Javits to Dr. Israel Zwerling, dated July 7, 1964. Javits thanks Zwerling for his letter about the safety of civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in Mississippi. (Note: A copy of a June 18, 1964, Congressional Record statement by Javits was included with this letter and is available in the manuscript collection.)

7 July 1964

Typewritten letter from Matthew Zwerling to his parents, Israel and Florence Zwerling, dated July 7, 1964. The letter is brief, and Zwerling states that he is busy and will write again soon.

7 July 1964

Transcribed copy of a letter from Zoya Zeman to her father dated July 7, 1964, in which she discusses Ross Barnett and other Southern politicians and their influence on the racial attitudes of many southern whites. She goes on to say that people living in the North should act against the racial inequality in the South.

7 July 1964

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