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cartoon by Eddie Germano; The "Gag Rule" is represented by a hand, and the hand shoves the "Voting Rights bill" in a man's mouth. The man is seen trying to speak, and he says,"Ah say...glub." At this point the Bill is in his mouth.

circa 1965

cartoon by John Riedell; A United States eagle sheds a tear and a feather as it flies upward in the sky. The lost feather is labeled Adlai Stevenson.

circa 1965

From the Margret and Hans Augusto Rey Papers.; Ceramic large unglazed two-faced standing male figure holding bowl on head, used as planter. Made by Margret Rey, circa 1965-1980. 6" x 9" x 6"

circa 1965-1980

From the Mississippiana Vertical File. Flyer, "The Price They Paid," was distributed by the Patriotic American Youth, circa 1960s-1970s.

circa 1965

From the University Photographs Collection. A photograph of the flooring being laid for the basketball court during construction of the Reed Green Coliseum.

circa 1965

From the Ezra Jack Keats Papers. An original collage and paint illustration by Ezra Jack Keats for pages 7-8 of "John Henry: An American Legend."

circa 1965

Photograph of East Hall; 7 x 4.5

circa 1965

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