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From the AAEC Editorial Cartoon Collection. Cartoon by Eldon Pletcher. Ronald Reagan carries a large cake on a platter in one hand as he walks on the descending line of a graph. The graph line is labeled "The economy," and the cake is labeled "One year." Reagan is struggling to maintain his balance, and appears startled or uncertain. The background is marked with grid lines and has the words, "A piece of cake."

circa 1982

From the Ezra Jack Keats Papers. A dummy book for "Clementina's Cactus" by Ezra Jack Keats drawn with pencil, crayon, and some pages with watercolor.

circa 1982

From the Ezra Jack Keats Papers. An original paint/watercolor illustration for pages 24-25 of "Clementina's Cactus"

circa 1982

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