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From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Special Edition of the Student Printz from September 6, 1965. Columns include, "Another phase of life begins at Southern", "Mayor Paul Grady extends welcome", REBELation features hit singers", "Kelly announces math changes", Registration begins today; freshmen face yearly ritual", McCain amasses 10 years of unmatched service at USM", "Registration Schedule", "Review of SGA action orientates freshmen", "Civil Service now accepting job applications", "MSU receives grant", "You better watch out people - - Campus Security will 'get you'", "At Southern you will learn to keep a 'good set of books'", "Age looks to stars, inside man", "Learning is - - 'umm good'", "Greeks add big 'extra' to campus life at USM", "'Nook' gets a 'goldie' and for '65 it's 'ye-ye'", "USM Telephone Directory will be off the presses about October 15", "Southern offers many avenues of student help", "USM builds sound body and mind", and "Fountain performance kicks off 'big' year".

06 September 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 10, from October 20, 1965. Columns include, "Homecoming winners told; Alumni Assn. elects officers", "Russians 'solve' mystery of great train robbery", "Dominican fighting resumes", "Drugs fluctuate radically", "Senate debates spirit representation election code revision Monday night", "Serendipity's sing in big concert on campus tonight", "ROTC brigade selects unit sponsors; Royce Siegrist begins second year", "Brannan quits squad, returns to his home", "Company credits Southern student", "Graduate school accepts fellowship applications", "Wesleyans receive appreciative letter", "Alpha Phi Omega opens 1965-66 term activites with annual smoker", "Pi Kappa Alpha elects alumni officers", "Housing begins new way of reserving rooms", "Law Schools send representatives to Southern to enlist prospective grads", "Yelinek lectures to Geology Club", "Pi Gamma Mu holds year's first meeting", "Siverio announces events on tap for students at LAI", "Martha Schlamme gives show at USM tomorrow", "Senate refuses to discuss China", "Sumrall's toe gives USM win, 3-0", "KS, PKT post 2-0 marks, share lead in football", "In the sportslight", "Nybo, Myers win firsts in girls sports", "Letter policy", "Homecoming passes quickly but memories linger long", "Navy representative visits", "Creativity usurps traditional way of audio-visual teaching", "Printz to help conduct MJCPA fall session", "Frosh coeds receive aid for bad grades", "Gamma Beta Phi elects Stewart prexy", "Backstage with Dove", "Serendipity Singers performance should highlight USM entertainments schedule", ""Pinocchio' chosen as Children's play", "'Madwoman of Chaillot' to continue thru Saturday", "Opera 'LaBoheme' to open at Saenger", "Art Department to sponsor exhibits", "Symphony cancels October concert", "Students attend SUSGA conference", "Lucas warns students to complete transfer", "Home Economics add courses to schedule", "Dr. Tuchak speaks to Kappa Delta Phi", "Annual desperately asks student help", and "Brother of former staff member dies".

20 October 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 11, from October 22, 1965. Columns include, "Who's Who in American colleges includes 42 seniors from Southern", "German steals airplane, flees to West Germany", "Rejection results in draft card tearing", "Serendipity Singers see poor Southern turn out", "Southern to furnish free influenza shots", "University broadcasts are eligible for H. Fellows Memorial Scholarship", "Bizzell, Stout get housing positions", "High onor goes to five women", ""Mad Woman of Chaillot" ends five-day Saturday night", "On the scene with Alfred X", "A look at the UAC: why students still have to pay", "Negro examines rights, law", "Check cashing: a lost cause", "Car chaos cramps campus", "Florida freshman picked for 'Seventeen' feature", "Second faculty recital scheduled here Sunday", "Interviews set for Wednesday", "Library adds manuscript to May collection", "USM publicized by radio program", "Audio-visual education takes giant strides under Dr. Knight", "Southern seeks fifth win; Auburn it?", "Floyd begins ninth basketball season, has young squad", "In the sportslight", "USM schedules 12 home games", "Rifle team shoots at Auburn", "Kappa Sigs rout opposition, move to front in football league race", "Data processing center lends hand in facilitating registration chaos", "Students on the spot", "MEA will meet on USM campus", "Miss Warren tells girls of weight reduction test", "Pol. Science works on doctoral program", "Civitan sponsors football re-runs", "Business leaders of Hattiesburg talk religion", "Cotton maid to be chosen, entry deadline approaches", "Kappa Delta to hold Founders' Day with all national chapters participating", "Deltas initiate, choose officers", "Pi Phi's initiate six, pledge eight, elect and install fall quarter officers", "Pi Phi heads Jr. Panhellenic", "ATO's hold parties, entertain sororities", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Chi O's attend fraternity state day in Jackson", "Phi Mu adds pledges, attends pledges swaps", "Alpha Sigs add two", and "LAI lends an international flavor to USM campus life".

22 October 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 12, from October 27, 1965. Columns include, "Campus legislators evict Student Printz photographer", "King wants CR murder made federal offense", "Ole Miss blasts anti-war groups", "Anti-Red Wave sweeps Jakarta", "Construction on College Hall annex begins", "Dr. Siverio will help PBJ 'talk' to Latins", "Dome shows top Polish art movie", "Former student receives citation", "Dr. Nau will speak on trip to Europe", "Skelton emerges from one closet, only to make money in another", "SNEA having drive for new members on USM campus", "College Radio Magazine to feature 'The Voice of Southern' - WMSU", "Chi Omega's plan open house", "Dartmouth gains revenge with newspaper 'extra'", "Museum offers rattler with rabbit in throat", "'Contemporary' pushes sale of subscriptions", "Rho Epsilon hosts Real Estate group", "In the sportslight", "Southerners 'tank' Tigers", "Dan Barker pulls ahead in poll as contest enters home stretch", "Two skydivers take big jump", "Diane Roshto, USM grad is 'Club Mobile Girl'", "Divorce rate increased by poor TV programs", "'Madwoman' sets designed by new technical director", "'Draagenfut' chosen for Opera Workshop", "Opening night is actor's delight", "'Pinocchio' to be held in Auditorium", "Movies", "Movie filming on Gulf Coast", "Language instructors give varied experience to jobs", "English instructor speaks at meeting", "Sea trip ends at test facility", "Married club plans Halloween party", "Doumas tells AGR of events leading to crisis in Greece", "Staff residents revise graduate handbook", "Commission to check new USM Coliseum", and "Pictures available".

27 October 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 13, from October 29, 1965. Columns include, "'Talkers' journey in two directions", "Southerners tackle William & Mary in annual Oyster Bowl in Norfolk", "Ogletree gets service honor", "Mississippi PTA presents grants of $100 to five Southern coeds", "Draft board swoops down on drop-outs", "Dial DIAL, learn what is going on", "Computer Dept. holds weekend open house", "Biology Dept. installs native plant herbarium", "English professor has poem in literary mag", "'Contemporary' meeting is set", "McQuagge sets rules for school transfer", "The South: a new black blot", "Does the Student Senate have the right to be camera shy?", "Fall writhes in wild passion", "Immature infallibility", "What is the challenge", "In the sportslight", "Phi Taus deteat Kappa Sigma for first place", "Rifle Club plans meeting; registration drive begins", "Senator Purvis promotes USM in legislative appropriation race", "Tuchak predicts seizure of Soviet by bureaucracy", "Fencing club is formed", "Col. Johnson reports on building program", "'Holey' ears, madras lead in current national fads", "MEA to meet at Southern in November", and "Collegiate Club plans film presentation".

29 October 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 14, from November 3, 1965. Columns include, "A Resolution Concerning United States Involvement in Vietnam", "Student Senate supports American fighting forces in Viet Nam war", "Beat flu bug, get your shots subcutaneously", "Local radio to carry Thursday's pep rally", "Debaters set for tourney this weekend", "Southern grad given top non-combat award", "Lucas gives registration facts for winter quarter", "Why didn't the picture appear in the paper this week?", "Ambrose says watercolor show lacks originality", "Wesley play reveals contrast of new and old Christianity", "Doumas speaks to group on Greek conflicts, history", "Dr. Kelly speaks to Pen and Sword", "Professors journey to Atlanta for meet in political science", "Sailing Club organized here", "Lit Fraternity hears new English teacher", "Pi Gamma Mu ask 16 into brotherhood", "Mississippi first", "'Draagenfut Girl' opens tomorrow in Marsh Hall", "Backstage with Dove", "Palmer canceled but dance planned", "'Pinocchio' cast named by Theatre Department", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "In the sportslight", "Southerners 'booted' by W&M", "Dudley to present scientific papers", "KS's defeat Pikes for second place", "Frosh lose, too, by 33-8 to FSU", "Barker maintains lead in Poll as shakeup occurs in standings", "Bolton Hall leads competition for girl's intramural trophy", "Phi Mu surprises pledges with party", "Tri Sigma to sponsor 'Miss Whatever It Is'", "Registrar reminds seniors to apply for degrees early", "Westminster fellowship to show religious films", "KD's honor pledges with Halloween party", "Rumor denied that Viet Nam dolls explode", "U. S. Marine writes former teacher, describes experiences in Viet Nam", "Archives section of library shows marked expansion of Mississippi history records", "Dr. Kelly speaks to Pen and Sword", "Drill pledges weather wild week of harassment", "Pi Phi holds supper, entertains fraternities", "Hillcrest fashions open social season", "Van Lowry: ever there to support the Generals", "ERN fills Nat's for Halloween", "Lok talks plastic art to South Miss. group", and "Pendergrass to speak Saturday at Wesley".

03 November 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 15, from November 5, 1965. Columns include, "'Oui' says De Gaulle about running again", "Governor, mayor will headline Phi Alpha's initiation by SAE", "Concert features Southern Symphony in Marsh Sunday", "Event on De. 10 biggest in USM fraternity history", "State Has To Borrow Once More", "Former student edits international journal", "'Knack' will finish USM art movies", "WAB appoints new treasurer", "Chi Omega organizes annual song festival", "Reception will honor students completing degree work at USM", "Alfred: 'Maine is too west'", "Universe: still big secret", "USM sounds battle cry, supports U.S. in war", "Peace can be a dirty word", "'Cow College' moos about conduct, not about blame", "Students support America", "Hillcrest girls no draft dodgers", "Bishop Pendergrass to address Wesley Foundation workshop", "Tracy to speak at wrtier, artist conference in June", "German summer work available", "Coeds visit movie set", "ASA holds 2 parties", "Long, Thames attend seminars", "Southern away, faces Chattanooga", "ASA's take pair as volleyball begins", "In the sportslight", "Regligious clubs hold joint discussion", "Cagers to face 'Bama, Ole Miss", "Southern frosh has big look", "Phi Tau's add members, choose pledge officers", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Alpha Sigs hold Halloween dance", "Phi Mu pledges three", "Chi O's hold annual party entertain sorority pledges", "Kappa Sigs initiate six", "ATO's hold initiation", "Tommy Steele forsakes bop for Broadway plays", "Klan leader's resignation praised by congressman", "Grants available for USM women", "Youth killed by auto in Picayune accident", "Modern teens have responsibility; challenge greater than before", "Druids establish information desk", "Northern town elects dead man police chief", "YRC invites 3 party leaders to speak here", "Phi Mu Epsilon to host district confab Nov. 6", "Geology prof. prepares paper on glacial epoch", "Local ministers lead discussion in Wesley talks", "Military society brings 26 cadets into honor fold", "Moorman tells joint business fraternities about English schools", and "Southern's school spirit startles Auburn fans, Georgia newsman".

05 November 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 16, from November 10, 1965. Columns include, "Here's how texts will be returned", "Southern Launches SAVE drive", "Civitans to collect blood, Hillcrest coeds spark idea", "Foundation rolls in record revenue as funds increase", "Radio to carry last spirit rally", "Debaters take first trophy at Mississippi State tourney", "Deadline nears for registration of teachers test", "Rev. Tonkel speaks at annual service for Thanksgiving", "Young Repubs join pro Viet-Nam wave", "Southern's 'other girls' are as beautiful as queens", "Gas station owners tell attributes of the phenomenal women driver", "Dr. McQuagge announces education schedule change", "Want to reduce? Hope lingers yet", "Initiation planned for Phi Chi Theta pledge members", "Students give blood for Viet Nam use", "USM broadcasters elect year's officers", "Married Southerners to open new lodge", "Division of Continuing Education experiences startling growth since its conception in 1910", Talk highlights Rifle Club meeting", "USM's Delta Sigs place No. 1 at annual convention in Bahamas", "Phi Kappa Taus hold Sun. supper for project", "In the sportslight", "Southern blanks Chattanooga' 17-0, scores first touchdown in four games", "Barker, Sportslight share Poll lead with 90 total heading into final week", "Roy Castle tops list for 'Pickwick Papers'", "'Draagenfut Girl' plays in a crowded Marsh Hall", "Movies capture Mrs. Roosevelt", "USM instructor leads Little Theatre play", "Backstage with Dove", "Singer auditions", "Rhodesian government receives concession", "Pep rally represents various interests of Southern students", "Students support policy, draft; oppose atomic use", "'He's number one,' student says of Coach Vann; pep crowd agrees", "Productions demand more than actos upon stage", "Lines form early to get packets", "'Nashville Sound' has newest beat", and "Foltz will address women's convocation".

10 November 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 17, from November 12, 1965. Columns include, "ODK taps 12 men in outdoor event", "16 seniors take field last time for Southern", "Delta Zeta seeks to recolonize here", "Baptists elect James Reed president", "Campus Repubs bolster support of war action with telegram to LBJ", "Mayor Grady lauds action by students", "Hold it! don't take your books back yet", "Nearly 600 beat 'bug' by taking free flu shots", "Southern drive to support U.S. gets state okay", "Lucas explains draft policies", "Dr. David Foltz will address annual convocation of women", "SAVE movement represents new line on college campuses", "What beareth yon courier?", "Two sides of a tricky coin", "What about oil companies; do they plot against us?", "Look 'looks' at the South", "What, where, why is WMSU?", "Exams: The axe or ecstasy", "Religious groups meet to discuss mutual problems", "Cadets win ROTC honors", "Southern adopts stick to promote more spirit", "ROTC yearbook pictures scheduled for Nov. 17", "Workshop ends for Methodists", "Kappa Sigma eliminates Phi Tau, battles J.C.'s for intramural crown", "In the sportslight", "'Giants' prepare for Dec. 1 opener; Kochersperger, Stacy look sharp", "PKA looms as champs in basketball", "Clothing expert to head judging", "USM student competes in farm pageant", "Alpha Sigma Alphas elect officers, add 5 new pledges to membership", "DDD's plan service project, hold Founders' Day program", "KD officer to visit Southern chapter", "Hearts 'n' Flowers", "Winter quarter schedule changes announced by Dean Allen", "Nominate seven for Wilson grants", and "In-service programs feature DCE's remaining services".

12 November 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 18, from December 10, 1965. Columns include, "'Where the guns aren't toys'", "Coliseum bears name of Southerner: Bernard Reed Green", "Named after Reed Green", "Gov. Johnson praises SAE", "SAE to establish chapter at USM", "McCain proclaims January GI Joe Month at Southern", "Three day event to feature many prominent persons", "Congress gives grants to School of Fine Arts", "Chi Omega holds annual song Fest, casis 705 Greeks", "Hope hits road to Viet Nam", "Southern's Golden Giants move into a giant new home", "Dr. Foltz addresses coed's convocation with assistance from his daughter, Jan", "University suspends 170 at close of fall quarter", "Alumni Assn. exceeds goal of 6,500, registering 6,533 members for 1965", "In the sportslight", "'Giants' nip USL for first win, 71-69", "USM to face 10 teams in '66, three in SEC", "Rifle team fires against Ole Miss, Mississippi State", "Independents defeat ASA's for top spot", "Floydmen win Magnolia Classic", "University plans business building", "New magazine brings campus life to students", "Epsilon Mu Chapter of Delta Zeta pledges 39; chooses new officers", "C O celebrates holiday season", "Hearts 'n flowers", "Kappa Sigma's plan Founder's Day Banquet", "President, Dean's Lists scholars number 527 for fall quarter", "Conn makes loans ready for qualified students", "Computer center helps Prof Gayle in PhD research", "School spirit workshop set for Aug. 7-12", "Singers to present Yuletide concert", "Band festival features USM's wind ensemble", "Players stage skit at opening", "USM graduate killed in recent Viet Nam action", "Dr. Hardin honors ODK, Phi Delta Rho members with tea", Debators place fourth", "Closing the cultural gap", "Whipping boy strikes back", "All because of carbon 14", "For USM: the karate chop", "Class cuts puzzle students", "From the field: praise", "Southern's Taiwan students experience new kind of life in American society", "Religion fad sparks talk", "Mrs. Warren declares war on fat with start of 'Operation Skinny'", "Alpha Psi Omega initiates pledges", "Critic hails 'La Mancha' as great musical work", and "'Becket' chosen for production".

10 December 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 19, from December 15, 1965. Columns include, "Young Demos given ultimatum", "Dr. McCain proclaims G.I. Joe Month here", "Debaters win Alabama sweepstakes", "Collegiate Civitan plans blood drive Jan. 12", "Delia, Swanson win all contests, Medley top tyro", "Phi Alpha becomes new SAE", "Gartin formally names Reed Green Coliseum", "Petition date for elections", "In which Alfred gets eye full", "Christmas: joy at home, a dead GI in Viet Nam", "Hold tight, J. Porter strikes back", "Woes of The Kid", "Southen's champion debaters: bringing home the trophies", "Brew to brew talk", "Phi Mu Epsilon gets USM alumnae chapter", "Faculty to offer weekly, private music lessons", "ALD offers 3 fellowships", "Alabama downs Southerners 93-79", "Weathersby has badminton lead", "State edges USM, Ole Miss to win trophy, rifle match", "Pikes try for third straight title as intramural cage season opens", "USM posts win over CBC Monday", "'Becket' cast released", "Foltz and Avery publish new choral music compositions", "Coming events at USM", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "Clifton Ware conducts the Singers today", "Alpha Lambda Delta pledges 66 coeds in quarterly candlelight ceremony", "USM Foundation surpasses goal", and "'Contemporary' staff to hold meeting".

15 December 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 1, from September 15, 1965. Columns include, "Lowrey tightens absentee policy", "Enrollment soars with over 6,000 on campus", "Grady sees rapid rise for the GOP in state", "Many didn't watch out and Security got them", "Fall quarter elections unfold on Sept. 28-30", "31 make all-A's list for summer, 222 achieve Dean's List", "Adams school official heads Natchez center", "21 girls serve as counselors in frosh dorms", "Computers give birth to newest department", "In the sportslight", "Southern plays six 'majors'", "USM grid pair get Playboy nod", "Southerners prep for first test, face Southeastern La. Saturday", "Intramural football has meet today", "Backstage with Dove", "MOVIES", "Theatre Dept. receives award", "Rex Cooper, Albia Kavan named directors of 'Dixie Darlings'", "'Madwoman' dates set for Oct 19-23", "Pete Fountain to head coming entertainment", "USM approves 58 new positions; doctoral holders increase 50 percent", "USM combats growing pains with luxury", "Spirit Committee is off to a quick start", and "Druids will operate information desk".

15 September 1965

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 20, from January 7, 1966. Columns include, "Beauties, favorites highlight election", "Mississippi representatives give pro-Viet Nam petition to Humphrey", "Lowrey carries 2,200 names from Southern", "USM gets grant to hold summer math institute", "USM student faces four felony charges", "Blood Drive launches G.I. Joe Support Month", "New color movie shows growing campus of USM", "Lucas announces degree deadlines", "Peace Corps give local test Jan. 8", "Contemporary magazine goes on campus sale next Friday", "Have you the little British flag?", "Navy roams halls of George Hurst on Monday nights", "Army OCS team seeks graduates", "Blackwell seeks passage of speaker control bill", "Levite joins Red Cross", "Hinds, Pemples grab early leads", "Cage action resumes with varsity at 5-5, frosh, 2-4", "Phi Mu's sweep badminton finals behind Mary Durant, Trudy Turner", and "Golf team practice, elims begin Jan. 10".

07 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 21, from January 12, 1966. Columns include, "Mr., Miss USM undecided", "Blood drive resumes today", "1,136 voters choose favorites, 20 beauties", "Senate considers photography bill", "One student suspended, 19 more on probation after motel party", "Fred Adams, USM grad, wins national recognition", "Aliens must list current address", "Proficiency exam slated for Jan. 27", "Lowrey winds up Washington work", "For you: a merry non-year", "Freshman senator Bill Lowrey 'goes to Washington, D.C.", Viet Nam and other problems", "Student supports karate idea", "As calls go through", "Blackwell's bill: a waste", "Pickers want guitars", "Indifference triumphs again", "Southern has own control over communist speakers", "In the sportslight", "Southern opens 4-game set", "Count Me Out...", "Kappa Sigs set stage for meeting with Pikes in fraternity league", "Military Ball to feature the Gentrys, Bill Black", "Sings will perform 'War Requiem' here", "Player's 'Becket' rehearsals begin", "Southern Accent on Manhattan", "'Pride' and DD's in Senior Bowl halftime activities", "PE Club elects 1966 officers", "Delta Zeta pledges 42 USM coeds", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Kappa Sigma celebrates 96th year of existence", "Acacia names Tip Hathorn as sweetheart", "Khayat will address Phi Eta Sigma banquet", "Enrollment increases", "Union slates movie", "Three films scheduled in USM art series", "'Trace' publishes poems by Swelman", "Pen, Sword names officers, plans", "Nat's Nook to host live bands, movies", and "Classified".

12 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 22, from January 14, 1966. Columns include, "HUAC charges plot on 'Ladybird Special'", "Jean Richardson and Vic Purvis capture Mr. and Miss USM titles", "Only 797 students vote in runoffs Thursday", "Piano duo leads off music series", "Suspends coeds at motel party", "Dr. Nemetz to talk at Philosophy Forum", "Athlete, sorority president show outstanding records", "Blood drive closes with 633 students taking active part", "Administrators crack down on PDA", "In the sportslight", "Southern faces Lions Sat., seeking revenge for loss", "Count Me Out...", "Accident injures 'Flash' staffers", "Fresh win pair to even mark, open 3-game series Saturday", "Four vets return to lead golf team", "Varsity debaters go to Kentucky for weekend match", "Young Demos fold on campus state group denies interest", "Hearts n' Flowers", "Texas coed, Nancy Bernard wins Maid of Cotton title", "Phi Mu's begin GI Joe projects", and "Job openings now available for summer work".

14 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 23, from January 19, 1966. Columns include, "Absentee ballots: Why are college students ineligible?", "Camera bill gets nod from senate", "USM debaters post Millsaps win", "Women take top spot in four-trophy haul", "Equal worth of man topic of lively talk", "Hillcrest sets dance for tonight", "Pre-law students to file address", "UAC to sponsor dance Thursday", "Backstage with Dove", "Dr. Moorman completes Research, third book", "UAC slates six movies for Union", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "In the sportslight", "Southerners win thriller, 81-79", and "Boxing tournament to be held in town".

19 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 24, from January 21, 1966. Columns include, "'War Requiem' will feature Singers, Orleans Symphony", "Art films begin with 'Macbeth' Sunday", "Newscaster Paul Harvey will speak here Thursday", "High schoolers debate Saturday", "College Hall renovation will end by fall term", "Bizzell announces SGA deadlines for elections", "'Contemporary' due on Jan. 28", "Symphonic band to play at meeting of directors", "Ferrante, Teicher ducats are on sale now in Union", "Southern Players rehearse scenes from 'Becket' production", "Greeks promise support to G.I. Joe", "Women's PE Club performs stunts", "Hearts 'n Flowers", "Fashion revolt forseen for 1966; traditional styles take a new twist", "In the sportslight", "Intramural cage races tighten", "Golf practice continues, tennis to start soon", "Three teams win action on Tuesday in women's cage", and "Giants top 100 mark; Hannan tops 1000 mark".

21 January 1966

From the University Union and Student Activities Record Group. Student Printz, Vol. 39, No. 25, from January 26, 1966. Columns include, "Honan to recite 'Requiem' text", "Allen says fees might go up in '67", "Bizzell, Cain run unopposed", "13 look for SGA posts; 13 seek 3 SCF offices", "Large stock of men still await Uncle Sam's call", "Valentine Queen entry deadline set for January 29", "Paul Harvey comes to USM Thursday", "G.I. Joe Carnival ends month of fund raising", "English Dept. adds professor", "Debrow apologizes for semantics error", "Degree applications due February 26", "Theme team set for double play", "Senate proposes 2 amendments, obtain $650 for SCOPE", "Adventures of Wonder Buzzard", "The question of affection and who sets the standard", "Vietnam and video warfare", "No birds, no bats but news", "Elections now make sense", "All about this problem of PDA", "Placement Bureau helps seniors find right job", "BSU elects James Reed to head organization", "Former Printz editor lands job with UPI", "USM sophomore works for Mademoiselle post", "Geographical picks dig bogies", "Foundation lists record with over $100,000 in", "Printz staffers organize club", "FICA taxes go up to record high", "Count Me Out...", "Basketball's new look", "Pikes down Kappa Sigs for fraternity loop lead", "Basketball recess ends as Floydmen play Spring Hill", "Jones Hall wins basketball play, leads trophy race", "Pi Kappa Pi frat to intiate soon", "New bulletin boards cause SGA distress", "Newman Club can't pay Pavilion price", "Added HE Course coming in Spring", "History frat plans February initiation", "Backstage with Dove", "Southern Accent on Manhatten", "Three New York soloists perform in 'War Requiem'", "Torkanowsky will direct Symphony", "Chicago Opera Ballet at USM Friday", "Met. Opera schedules Mississippi auditions", "Coventry Cross of Nails on display for 'Requiem'", "In this corner: Batman", and "First conference oncommon market to begin at LSU".

26 January 1966

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