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From the Rare Books Collection. Title page of Temora, an ancient epic poem, in eight books : together with several other poems composed by Ossian, the son of Fingal. Also from the title page: Translated from the Galic [Gaelic] language by James Macpherson. Published in London by T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1763. [From other bibliographic sources: Not translated, but in fact by James Macpherson.]


From the Rare Books Collection. Cover of Two Wessex tales by Thomas Hardy, published by Four Seas in 1919.


From the Rare Books Collection. This antiphonal manuscript, circa 16th century, is believed to be of Spanish origin. An antiphoner is a Catholic liturgical book containing antiphons and responsories for the Daily Office, the set of eight daily prayer services held by members of the clergy. This antiphoner covers the summer half of of the Temporale calendar, which is the period from Easter through the post-Pentecost season. It was likely copied before the Council of Trent because it still contains sequences. The appendix contains material for St. Catherine of Siena, who was canonized in 1461. The volume contains Office material, so it was likely used in a monastery.

From the Rare Books Collection. This book is a salesman's copy designed to be a preview of a book not yet published. It is comprised of irregularly numbered sample pages and illustrations, a register to record subscribers' names, and examples of available cloth and morocco bindings. [The actual book was published in 1900.]

From the Rare Books Collection. Cover of The poems of Goethe, published in 1874, with English translation in original metres by Edgar Alfred Bowring.


Reprinted from Belsham's Essays, philosophical and moral, historical and literary. Signatures: [A]⁴ B⁴. Printed by Daniel Humphreys in 1790.


First mortgage : Chicago, Memphis and Gulf Railroad Company to Bankers Trust Company, New York, trustee. "Dated January 1, 1910"


The text in this souvenir booklet is from a statement by President C.H. Markham of the Illinois Central System published in newspapers along the lines of the system February 1, 1926 -- p. [8].


A booklet from Great Northern Railway published in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1956.


A St. Paul Railway booklet published in New York, circa 1922.


Annual report of the president and directors of the Georgia Pacific Railway Company to the stockholders. Report year ends September 30.


Twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth annual reports of the G.C. & S.F. Hospital Association : containing rules and regulations and financial statements for the years ending June 30, 1916 and 1917.


Further assurance of March 30, 1903 in respect to mortgage of August 10, 1874.


Reprint of brief messages to employes by J. E. Gorman, President of the Rock Island Lines, which have appeared from time to time in the Rock Island Magazine.

Reorganization of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railway Company.

February 15, 1916

From the Special Collection Books. By-laws of the Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific Railway Company: adopted October 8th, 1881: amended February 2nd, 1883: amended January 31st, 1885.


From the Special Collection Books. An address by L.F. Loree, president, the Delaware and Hudson company, at the christening of D. & H. locomotive "1400", the Horatio Allen at Colonie, N.Y., December 4, 1924.


From the Special Collection Books. An address of L.F. Loree at the annual meeting of the Deleware and Hudson Railroad Corporation, Freight, and Ticket Agents' Association, Hotel Champlain, Bluff Point, N.Y., Sep. 6, 7, 8, 1932.


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